Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcome to the new Frank Muir memorial blog

To all people called Frank Muir, who are currently alive, may I extend my sincere apologies for giving you a big fright. You are still alive and well. I hope. However, you share a name with a famous dead bloke. Who happened to be dead funny and clever.

Frank Herbert Muir was born February 5, 1920 and died January 2, 1998.

You can read the details here on the Wikipedia page.

I created the Frank Muir Tribute Page many years ago - around 1999 in fact - as a way of paying respects to a wonderful gentleman who brought laughter to millions. Frank and his partner in comedy, Denis Norden, were responsible for such brilliance as the My Word! and My Music radio programs on BBC. (Or as the Brits spell it, programmes)

In the coming months I will be doing some nifty cutting and pasting from the tribute onto this blog. That way, the fans can come together on this blog and share their stories without me having to update the website each time. A website that has been sadly neglected* because I've been selfishly following a writing career.

I'm sure Frank would understand.

*last updated circa 2002?

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